Behavioral Health

We offer 24 hour medical coverage to senior clients residing at assisted living facilities, nursing/rehabilitation facilities or at their homes. Our staff of physicians and nurse practitioners have years of experience and expertise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of behavioral issues within the geriatric population.

The purpose behind Behavioral Health Management:

National statistics include that the use of Antipsychotic drugs for Nursing home residents is widespread. Antipsychotic Drugs are detrimental for older people when used inappropriately. Recent studies questioned the safety and effectiveness of antipsychotic drugs. Research suggests that 80% of long-term care facility residents exhibit degrees of impairment in their emotional and/or cognitive functioning. Older adults have a stronger reaction to psychotropic medications. Many types of these psychotropic drugs lose their effectiveness and/or cause untoward side effects. Medical Behavioral Management achieves successful outcomes by providing individual treatment plans, for those nursing home residents exhibiting behavior such as: physical aggressiveness, verbal hallucinations, & insomnia.

What is the Maturity Medical, P.A. Behavioral Management Program:

  • Maturity Medical's focus is on Pharmacologic Interventions. We do recognize non-pharmaceutical therapies are a necessary part of a successful treatment plan.
  • Our Goal - to decrease over utilization, minimize un-necessary hospitalization, and provide quality care. Reducing hospital admissions, length or amount of treatment may ultimately contribute to quality of care.
  • Our model works best when the providers in geriatric care, work in a collaborative fashion to develop and implement the treatment plans.
  • Maturity Medical analyzes psychotropic medication utilization and helps to coordinate continuity of care through referrals to affiliated regional hospitals.
  • We assist primary care doctors on improving their prescribing practices, as most patients have co-existing medical and behavioral disorders

  • When is a resident in possible need for Maturity Medical, P.A. intervention:

  • Do residents complain about the behavior of this resident?
  • Does the resident refuse to attend most social activities?
  • Do family members express concern about the mood or behavior of the resident?
  • Does the resident sit alone in his or her room most of the time?
  • Does the resident wander into room of other residents, take clothing from other residents, or try to leave facility more than once or twice per week?
  • Does the resident express concern about death or dying?
  • Are there episodes of conflict between this resident and his or her roommate?
  • Are there frequent problems associated with family visits, such as loud arguments, insults, and so forth?

  • If, answered "YES" to any of these questions, this would result in a qualification for Maturity Medical intervention.

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