Direct Primary Care Physician



Maturity Medical is a direct patient-focused health care practice. We feel your health should be your primary focus and not interfered with high deductibles, insurance procedure coding and diagnosis, and a primary care physician that is not your choice. Taking away the corporate intervention by providing the direct physician relationship, promotes a consistent approach to health maintenance. 

Our focus is on preventative services that preclude forthcoming costly health complications. Educating our patients that utilizing self-pay services for primary care needs, diagnostic testing, and labs are generally much more cost effective. We suggest using insurance for emergency visits, specialty physicians, and high cost medications. 

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Specialty in Patient Focused Care

Our practice serves uninsured patients, high deductible plans and catastrophic insurance benefits. We offer unique membership and payment plans to meet your needs. 

Medical Services

Annual physicals

Primary care services

Urine dipstick

Urine drug screening

Vitamin B12 injections

EKG and interpretation

Medication management

Prescription Refills Diagnostic Testing and Labs

Maturity Medical PA negotiates with local imaging facilities and labrotories to find the best individual rates for you.  We refer to pharmacies that offer affordable generic brand medication.